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Aunt Tallulah is a minor character on Tuca & Bertie. She is Tuca's wealthy, abusive, and alcoholic aunt.


Physical Appearance

Aunt Tallulah is an adult female toucan with a slightly desaturated blue-grey body, a large white patch around her eyes, pink eyelids, and a warm orange beak with a splotch of black on the tip of her upper beak. She is slightly overweight and stands slightly taller than her niece, Tuca.

Tallulah can be seen wearing multiple outfits, but her most common outfit is a pink sleeveless dress that reaches down above ankle-height with a translucent, shorter dress with sleeves and a belt over top. With this outfit she also wears a head covering decorated with light blue beads and feathers, a matching necklace, and matching pumps.


Despite her few appearances, Aunt Tallulah has been shown to be a rude and abusive toucan. She often berates her deceased sister and niece Tuca. She is an alcoholic, and is especially abusive when intoxicated.



Auntie Tallulah gained her wealth as the designer and model of the Plumeco featherhead collection [Plumage]. She took care of Tuca shortly after Truly Toucan died.

Season 1 


  • Tuca -


  • She has many hidden passageways in her mansion:
    • In Plumage, Bertie mentions that the kind of house Tallulah lives in is a Rhonda Paget.
  • In Nighttime Friend she mentions she has no children of her own, because doctors told her she had a ”mean uterus.”