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Roberta "Bertie" Songthrush is one of the two eponymous characters in Tuca & Bertie.


Physical Appearance

Bertie is a dark brown songbird with a grey beak. She has black pupils, long eyelashes, and white specks on her cheeks and forehead.

She is seen wearing a red sweater with white contrasting stitching at the sleeves and neckline, a pair of light denim jeans, and a pair of white high-heeled ankle-length boots.

As a younger adult, she wore a teal button-down shirt with white polka-dots, unbuttoned yellow cardigan, grey pants, and teal flats.


Bertie is an introverted, nervous songbird who seems to have a cautious approach to life. She is very career-oriented, with a passion for baking.

She's a loyal best friend to Tuca, being readily available when she needs it, and is often the one who gets her out of trouble; recognizing that Tuca needs her. However, she does have a desire to start her own life, and therefore moves in with her boyfriend Speckle, in hopes they will one day start a family.



Bertie was born in 1989. Tuca mentions in Season 1 she and Bertie are both thirty, and the season aired in 2019.

Bertie's parents, although both having cheery demeanors, never wanted to discuss anything negative, rather nervously sweep everything under the rug and bottle up their emotions.

Bertie was a good student, competed in sports and won multiple awards, although it’s mentioned by Bertie in Corpse Week that she had a lot of pressure on her growing up. She went through a goth phase at one point too.

Her family would spend the summer at the Jelly Lakes, and Bertie would attend a summer camp there. She was a great swimmer and, with the help of Coach Maple, she spent one summer when she was twelve training herself to be able to swim all the way to Peanut Butter Island, always showing up to the docks early in the morning before the coach arrived.

A camp lifeguard complimented her skills saying he didn’t believe she was only twelve, One morning, after complimenting her new red swimsuit her lured Bertie out into the woods to "show her something." Once they were alone, he sexually assaulted her. This incident scarred Bertie for life, leading her to quit swimming and resulted in her having a fear of trusting people around her, and also showcasing symptoms of PTSD especially when it came to sexual situations.

This is especially due to the fact her parents only took her to a few visits with the school counselor and afterwards they never discussed it with her again.Five years prior to the start of the series, Bertie met Speckle, an architect, at a party at that she and Tuca crashed. They began dating shortly after.

Season 1

In The Sugar Bowl, it's shown that after about four years of dating Speckle is moving into Bertie's apartment, with Tuca moving into the apartment directly above them.

Season 2


For more information about the alter ego Bertie makes up in therapy see Kyle.


  • Her full name is first mentioned in Yeast Week.
  • In Bird Mechanics it's shown she has a habit of pulling out her feathers when she's stressed or having an anxiety attack.