Roberta "Bertie" Songthrush is one of the two eponymous characters in Tuca & Bertie.


Physical Appearance

Bertie is a dark brown songbird with a grey beak. She has black pupils, long eyelashes, and white specks on her cheeks and forehead.

She is seen wearing a red sweater with white contrasting stitching at the sleeves and neckline, a pair of light denim jeans, and a pair of white high-heeled ankle-length boots.


Bertie is an introverted, nervous songbird who seems to have a cautious approach to life.

She is very career-oriented, with a passion for baking.

She's a loyal best friend to Tuca, being readily available when she needs it, and is often the one who gets her out of trouble; recognizing that Tuca needs her.

However, she does have a desire to start her own life, and therefore moves in with her boyfriend Speckle, in hopes they will one day start a family.



Bertie grew up in a family, who would spend the summer, at the Jelly Lakes. In the episode The Jelly Lakes, it was revealed Bertie often go to a summer camp there. She was a great swimmer, at the age of twelve, and looked forward to swimming all the way to Peanut Butter Island. That day she was told by the local lifeguard, that he had "something special," that scared Bertie for life, hinting that she was possibly sexually assaulted by the lifeguard—which resulted in her having a fear of trusting people around her.

Bertie met Tuca, sometime between high school and college, and they became best friends.

An incident occurred during a frat party in college where Tuca received alcohol poisoning from drinking too much, causing her stomach to be pumped. This not only increased Tuca's fear of the hospital but traumatized Bertie for not being able to do anything.

After Bertie graduated from college and Tuca supposedly dropping out, they moved in and shared an apartment together for six years, having many adventures until Bertie's new boyfriend, Speckle, moved in and prompted her to move directly above them. 

Season 1


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