Dakota Model Sheet

Dakota is a minor character in Tuca & Bertie. She makes her first appearance in The New Bird in Season 1.


Physical Appearance

Dakota is a female Canary who has bright yellow skin.

According to the model sheets, she is 4 ft tall.

She wears a navy knee-length skirt with a lavender peter-pan collar button-down shirt that has a front tie with white trim at the collar and sleeves, a navy knee-length skirt with navy suspenders, lavender socks, and pink sandals with brown soles, and red and white decorations at the tips.


Dakota is a shy, somewhat naïve young Canary. She is similar to Bertie, with her passion for baking, and views Bertie as a role model.


Season 1

In The New Bird, she arrives in Tuca and Bertie's home town full of hopes and dreams.


  • Her nickname is Dakota with an 'h.'
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