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Speckle is the tritagonist of Tuca & Bertie. He is the boyfriend of Bertie who moves into her apartment when Tuca moves out.

He is voiced by Steven Yeun.


Physical Appearance

Speckle is a grey male robin with white specks on his body with a yellow beak. He has an orange patch on his chest, which is a characteristic of male robins. He has black pupils.

He wears a collared button-down shirt with two front pockets and cuffed sleeves, dark grey pants, and shoes.


Speckle is the loyal and kind boyfriend of Bertie who shares her desire to start a family together. He is shown to be protective of her as well.

He is also a good friend to Tuca as well as reminding her she has both him and Bertie as her support network.



Season 1



Speckle mentions that it is a robin family tradition to mix a deceased family member's ashes with a powdered ingredient that's associated with them:

  • Speckle's Gamby was mixed with sugar because she was sweet, his Gumbo was mixed with sage for his wisdom, and also his aunt was mixed with paprika.