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Tuca is one of the two eponymous characters in Tuca & Bertie.

She is voiced by Tiffany Haddish.


Physical Appearance

Tuca is a female toucan with a dark grey body a large white patch around her eye area, yellow eyelids, and black pupils. She has long eyelashes. Her beak is orange with a black tip on the upper part.

Her everyday attire is a teal spaghetti-strapped tank top and dark green shorts with white stripes on the side, and a pair of red lace-up sneakers.  


Tuca is a confident, exuberant, bouncy, wild, and friendly Tucan woman who seems to have a free-spirited approach to life. This approach seems to fill up the void that she has in her life due to her broken family and fears. However, she is not afraid to speak her mind when the line is crossed. 

For example, when her Aunt Tallulah states that she is just like her mother, Tuca snaps at her and tells her that her mother was the kindest person. Tuca would not stand for any insult aimed at her mother, proceeding to rip the check she was given. 

She also tends to make rash, impulsive decisions at the wrong times, such as buying a jaguar in The Open House as a pet to prove to Bertie that she is responsible and tries having joint banking with him. 

Despite her flaws, she does know that she always has her best friends, Bertie and Speckle—as her honorary family. She does try to improve herself as a person, even giving up alcohol and sex, to become more responsible. 



Tuca was born and raised in a house of five with her single mother in a small house with very little money to keep them afloat.  

According to her Aunt Tallulah, in the episode Plumage, the heat was on and off, the children were barefoot most of the time, and were barely supervised. Despite this, her mother kept their hope alive by using her creativity to keep her family together. 

However, everything fell apart after she abruptly died from an unknown injury, which caused Tuca to become depressed and have a fear of doctors.  

It is hinted through conversations that Tuca and her siblings went to live with their Aunt Tallulah after their mother's passing. 

Soon, the siblings all grew up and moved away, becoming estranged with Tuca for many years. Despite trying to call her for holidays, she would never pick up, due to fear of how they would react to her discombobulated life. In SweetBeak, however, she finally does call her sister and tells her she loves her.  

Being the only one to not get a job in her adulthood, Tallulah would write checks to help Tuca get by.  

Sometime between high school and college is where she met Bertie and became best friends. An incident occurred during a frat party in college, where Tuca received alcohol poisoning from drinking too much. This incident caused her stomach to be pumped. This not only increased Tuca's fear of the hospital but traumatized Bertie for not being able to do anything. 

After Bertie graduated from college and Tuca supposedly dropping out, they moved in and shared an apartment together for six years. They had many adventures until Bertie's new boyfriend, Speckle, moved in and prompted Tuca to move directly above them. 

Season 1

In The Sugar Bowl, the episode starts off with thirty-year-old Tuca walking into the Bird Town Park. She enters a park and eats a worm.

She does a back-flip and has various interactions with people in the park. These include a dog playing hacky-sack, a bird person sitting in a tree blowing bubbles, and giving a rose man a rose.

She then walks past a kid bullying another kid by slapping him. The bully then sees a bird girl walking past with ice cream. He then pushes the girl saying, "mine, mine, mine." He then steals the ice cream and declares bullying to be "cool again."

Tuca then kicks the ice cream out of the bully's hand and then eats it herself. The bully then declares Tuca is bullying him. She then introduces herself as, "Tuca-the friend, hero, connoisseur of snacks, confident, relatable, and wearer of short-shorts."

A crowd of people gathered around Tuca starts cheering.

The bully then groans in frustration saying it was his ice cream. Tuca puts on sunglasses flips onto a bicycle and says, "life lesson, kiddo-nothing belongs to anyone." She then proceeds to pedal away as a man says, "Hey, that's my bike."

As she leaves the park she calls her best friend Bertie Songthrush who is taking her latest batch of pastries out of the oven. Bertie slips on the kitchen floor dropping both the tray of pastries and her phone.

Bertie is then introduced as, "a professional amateur chef, people pleaser, and a fussbudget."

She successfully manages to save both the pastry tray and her phone. Bertie then tells Tuca that she misses her. She then puts the tray in the oven and says that she, "hates change." She then says that without Tuca the apartment is so quiet and clean. Tuca then says she knows and she is "so nasty and brings a lot of zest to her environment."

Bertie then asks Tuca when she is planning on picking up her last box of stuff. Speckle, Bertie's boyfriend then trips over the cardboard box containing Tuca's things. Tuca says sure, she will pick up her things later, and that she is picking up some decor for her new place.

Bertie then questions, if Tuca is picking up junk from the street side again. Tuca then says no she is buying new things with the money from her job. Bertie then says "you don't have a job." Tuca retorts to this, by saying that just because she doesn't have a "boring office job" like Bertie, does not mean she doesn't have a job. She then goes on to list her many jobs as a freelancer including mobile notary, fortune teller, unlicensed tour guide, dog walker, and cashing checks from her rich auntie, mobile notary again, and freelance junk collector.

Tuca then tells Bertie she will be by her place later, to pick up her things.

Bertie then says it'll be weird not being roommates with Tuca any more. Tuca agrees and says the two of them have had many fun times together. There is then a montage of events they shared during their time living together including exterminating bugs, Tuca barging in on Bertie making out with a snake man, and a Halloween party.

Bertie then says they have been through so much and it's the end of an era. Tuca then says she hopes later down the road she and Bertie will live together again. Bertie says she hopes not as she wants things to work out with her boyfriend. Speckle kisses her as she says this. Speckle then stubs his toe and the walks away.

He is then introduced as "An architect, the boyfriend, tender shinned, and the wearer of sensible pants."

Tuca then teases Bertie by saying "We'll see." She then hangs up. Speckle then questions if Tuca will be OK. Bertie says yes, she thinks Tuca will be fine-finally able to be herself and not have anyone "cramp [her] style."





  • Her last name has not been revealed.
  • In Bird Mechanics it's revealed she writes her problems on mugs and then hides them behind the toilet.
  • She is thirty-two.